7YRSYiwu Wofish Jewelry Co., Ltd.
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WoFish Jewelry found by Will from 2016, which service for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Some customers need the orders can be sent out faster and low MOQ, so they can reorder frequently. Usually we prepare some stock for them, the time about 2-7 days.Some customers need small quantity with higher quality, the order need to production longer time. The time about 7-25days.Some customers want to develop new designs. We should production samples before bulk production , and will revise the samples during discuss, then arrange bulk production after approve, the production time about 15-35 days.We also can custom colors, size, logo, packaging method etc for them, to help they to build their brand.Our products include Handmade fashion Jewelry, S925 silver jewelry, monogram accessories, stone bracelet set, ID holder wallets, handbag tote etc. Mostly of products list our website store.Look forwards your inquiry.
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מדינה / אזור
Zhejiang, China
מוצרים עיקרייםמספר העובדים הכולל
11 - 50 People
סה"כ הכנסות השנתיות
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
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Yiwu City Xinhao Jewelry Factory
שיתוף פעולה חוזה
שנים של שיתוף פעולה
3 Years
שנתי פלט ערך
Below $100 Thousand
ייצור קיבולת
(שם מוצר)earring; (ייצור שנתי נפח) 8888888 Pair/Pairs
(שם מוצר)necklace; (ייצור שנתי נפח) 88888 Dozen/Dozens
(שם מוצר)bracelet; (ייצור שנתי נפח) 88888 Dozen/Dozens

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מפעל גודל
Below 1,000 square meters
מיקום מפעל
A1-313, Xingfuli E-commerce Park, No. 588, Chunhua Road, Yiwu, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

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